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What do they say about ZeMarmot?

Media & Press

An astonishing project on many points […] The maturity of Free Software is now established, since they are technically able to compete with paid tools, strengthening their benefits. […] If it finds its way — just as free software managed to — this is a new form of cultural creation and distribution which is emerging. On planetary scale.

ZeMarmot is a very unusual animated film. […] And it is beautiful.

Who said free software could not be used to make animation films?

ZeMarmot will be freely available for the whole planet!

They're about halfway to their goal. Support free-culture animation!
Terry Hancock, from Free Software Magazine, on Google+

People, Communities & Organizations

ZeMarmot is a Libre movie project with the right spirits

I love everything about your approach and ambitions.

Mike Linksvayer, technology entrepreneur, developer and activist from co-founding Bitzi and leadership of Creative Commons.

I saw the 55 seconds trailer. This is too cute, too "kawai". I need to see it.

Magali Garnero, parisian bookstore À Livr'Ouvert and secretary of April, radio "Ici et Maintenant" 95.2 FM (30 May 2015)
We just backed the campaign! Free Software for the win!

Helping this project is not only helping the birth of a beautiful animation story. It is also making blender VSE new improvements possible!

#SoDatalove ♥

This is huge!

Tristan Nitot, founder and former president of Mozilla Europe, now chief product officer at Cozy Cloud on Twitter

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