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Crowdfunding platforms

ZeMarmot is currently being funded on several recurrent donation platforms. Recurrent donations are our preferred method of funding for long term run.

  • Liberapay: weekly funding, USD and EUR possible, lowest fees.
  • Sponsor ZeMarmot in dollars! Patreon: monthly funding, USD ($) only.
  • Sponsor ZeMarmot in euros! Tipeee: monthly funding, EUR (€) only.

Direct donation

    • Donation through Paypal in EUR:
    • Donation through Paypal in USD:
  • Bitcoin address: 1526owEqxBtE1S1oKVJHEZoE5U19Fh2xdx

Direct support to LILA non-profit association

Alternatively it is possible to directly fund the non-profit association LILA which manages our funding. Simply donate to the association and send a message with references of the donation if you want to make sure that the funds will be used for our project (which is anyway LILA's main project).

LILA is a non-profit association registered in France (1901 law). As such, if you are located in the European Union, the fees may be the lowest by doing wire transfer donations (unique or reccuring). In many European banks, transfer within the EU are even free-of-charge (of course, this has to be checked with your bank).

» LILA donation page «

You can alternatively follow us on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook and reshare our project with #zemarmot tag!